Homes I've Known {two hundred}

by Sopranosflight July. 19, 2011 1403 views

I woke up at home. Mom made me eggs and coffee and sent me to work.

I worked all day. It was low-key. I read a lot. And drank more coffee.

Then I helped a co-worker tape an audition for a film, in which I was the off-camera voice (it was strangely exciting) and struck off on an adventure of photographing strangers. And I talked to even more strangers than I photographed, since there were a lot of tourists downtown today. I had a cupcake at the new bakery by Cupcake, and I saw Meg in the process, and she was surrounded by friends and I was reminded of how people who are genuinely kind-spirited like her always attract friends. And of how I am inspired by her sweet spirit.

I ate with my boss (my actual boss) and another semi-boss at their request and enjoyed it.

And I bought the Demi Lovato (go ahead and judge) song and listened to it on repeat.

I've had a quiet day, but it's been really beautiful, and I'm reminded of the song “I've got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart.” I know the quietness in my soul is God's doing, because I'm never filled with content for no reason at all like I am right now.

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