Road-side shrine #2

by Soulcurry May. 01, 2014 2478 views

Indian gods are like regular people. They fall in love with and marry people their parents don't approve of, have children who don't listen to them; one remains an eternal bachelor and won't keep a regular job; the other marries twice and has an obsessive love of food.
We are talking here about Shiva, the destroyer and the transformer in the holy trinity of the Hindu pantheon. Seated next to him is his consort, Parvati. Next to her is Ganpati, the pudgy, obedient son who loves eating and books. On Shiva's right hand is Kartikaye, the eccentric bachelor son who won't give up travelling.
On Shiva's head is Ganga, the river who descended from heaven. Rumour has it that she leaped down so hard that she caused immense destruction, so a game Shiva offered his dreadlocks as a way of breaking her momentum.

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Oweena 7 years, 4 months ago

Thanks for this post Soul.

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