Curious India

by Soumen Adhikary February. 16, 2018 737 views

I know it is very late post. This days I am having very busy schedule so thats why I didn't uploaded any photo. so lets talk about this photo, I took this photo in Kolkata in Gangasagar Mela. If you don't know what is Gangasagar then please check my previous photo where I gave some information about Gangasagar. If you closely look into this photo then you can notice that the lady who is the mother of the baby girl is drinking something. It is actually a drink called GHOL. In that Gangasagar Mela some of people distributing them as a free meal for all people who visited the mela. I was just looking around and searching for something different. Then I saw a large number of people standing there to take the drink. It was very rush so I step aside and I saw this girl and his mother also some of kids of their family. I though it is different and I took this shot.

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