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taken in Kolkata in the month of October 2018

taken in Kolkata in the month of October 2018

'Visarjan' that word makes every Indian sad because the word 'Visarjan' means the immersion of the statue of God or Goddess. It was Dashami which means the last day of Durga Puja festival that day was a very special day for me because it was the day when most of the Pratima which mean the statue of the Goddess Durga has to be immersed to the water of Ganges. Specifically for this Pratima, the immersion process is very different than the other ones because for this the Pratima has to be settled in the middle of the two boats. Then they go to the middle point of the Ganges then they start separating from each and other so the Pratima can easily take place in the water of the Ganges. For us, it was a very emotional moment because it is the end of our festival called Durga Puja and from that, we starts counting the days for the next year of Durga Puja so you can say it was also a happy moment for us.......

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