When Sunlight Dances On Nature..

by Souradip Sinha June. 22, 2016 1771 views

Existence of life on Earth is due to the Sun's energy which comes as Sunlight. The primary producers or Plants use the Sun's energy to make food via the process called Photosynthesis.

Sunlight is unarguably, the peace haven of photographers, photojournalists and movie makers. There is nothing better than sunlight or natural light to shoot in.

The best time to shoot in natural light is Dawn and Dusk, as I have learned from my father and various Photography-related articles in the internet. This is because the beautiful soft sunlight is perfect for a good composition and these images look majestic as Background images.

Nature photography and good Sunlight are the best of companions. They compliment each other like nothing else. A warm sunlight enhances the beauty of the Nature.

The Sun Beams or the Sun Rays which we see in lovely photographs taken during dusk, are known as Crepuscular Rays. They arise due to sunlight poking its head out through minute slits in heavy clouds and appear to radiate from where the Sun is located in the sky.

Crepuscular rays are seen in the second image of Sunlight falling on a Forest Road. I took this shot while on an Excursion from College Kalimpong district, Darjeeling. We were walking on the forest road and it was Dusk. The Golden Sun rays through the dense Cryptomeria forest spun a magic of light effect on the road.

Lens Flare - Shooting into Sunlight often creates Lens Flare, which may vary from polygonal to circular shapes. The amount of Flare could be controlled by the Photographer by changing the composition of the photograph.

This type of capture creates a smooth glowing look like the first and the third images with plenty of drama and a poetic expression in the image.

The first image was taken in the garden of the Hotel in Lolaygaon where we were staying during the College Excursion. The Natural effect of the Sun falling on the Cosmos flowers created a tranquil and explicit glowing effect with plenty of Lens flare.

The third image was taken at forest in Lava, Darjeeling where the mystic sun rays were looking splendid. It has a lot of Lens Flare bouncing among the Grass blades making a very unusual shot.

I prefer to experiment by shooting into the direct light and sometimes, I get a few good shots. :)

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Flowers and Lens Flare - Click to view large size or buy this image [istockphoto.com]

Sun Rays falling on Forest road - Click to view large size or buy this image [istockphoto.com]

Lens Flare on Green Grasses - Click to view large size or buy this image [istockphoto.com]

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