Halloween 2012; Punkin Pickin' Day

by Amy Purdy October. 22, 2012 4768 views

We took off work today to go to the Eastern Shore for pumpkins. We went to Councell Farms on Rt. 50, and had a great time. It was a beautiful day to be out walking in the pumpkin patch. After we got our pumpkins and mums, we went to the Unicorn book shop (Used books, old books, rare books, BOOKS!), and then had dinner at Holly's restaurant.

Then the work started…..namely getting that 80 pound pumpkin out of the trunk and up our (uphill all the way) pavement. That done, we unloaded the other pumpkins, and I got to work carving them. The 80 pounder I carved right on the porch. I wasn't moving it any further. It took me about an hour to clean and carve, and by the time I was done, it was pretty dark outside. The others got carved in a more leisurely fashion in my kitchen, and it took me about two hours to do them.

Here we are on our way! We're just starting over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. The weather was lovely; sunny, breezy, and about 70 degrees.

Councell Farms Pumpkin Patch. Like all farms, they rotate their crops, and this year the pumpkin patch was quite a walk from the main area. It was such a nice day that we didn't mind at all. Look at that blue sky!

Yes, it was really this blue. Look-not a cloud up there!

More pumpkins. We were standing right in the middle of a bunch of white pumpkins.

And in the other direction…..MORE pumpkins!

Here are some of the ‘monster’ pumpkins….they were huge!

Looking back toward the stand.

They had these odd warty pumpkins. The color was nice, but I didn't think they would carve well.

More big pumpkins.

Here's an odd colored pumpkin; dark green, yellow, and white.

Here's my husband with the wagon. Now you know why I took him along. Look at the size of the pumpkin in the back of the cart.

Other crops. I'm not sure what they are. In the background, you can see the corn maze.

A pen for sheep and geese. Which all fled when we got close.

The end result of our day's work. Here are Grumphy (the biggest pumpkin), Scaredy (sitting on Grumphy), Scar (in front of Grumphy), Howler (to the right of Grumphy) and Stiches (to the right of Howler).

Here's the whole gang plus Diamond Jack, who is over on the left.

A close up of Stitches. I'm not sure where I got this idea, but it worked out well.

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