Let the Haunting Begin! Halloween Season 2015 is Here!

by Amy Purdy October. 10, 2015 1237 views

Yikes! Here it is October the 10th, and I haven't taken a single picture! Well, I hadn't till tonight, anyway. We managed to squeeze a few new Halloween items out of our budget, and I'm super excited about Halloween this year. Here's the first lot of pictures. I would like to say ‘it was a dark and stormy night’, but actually it was a beautiful night to be out with the camera. Fall is treating us Marylanders well this year.

The Ghostly Oaks Haunted Abode is up and running. Or rather, the neighbors are running……away.

This guy thinks he's the Master of Ceremonies. Might as well let him do the honors. After all, he looks so friendly and professional.

See? Big smile.

Aren't you glad there's no vacancy?

The Smith Family is looking well this year. So cheerful!

Something a little different this year. Peter the Scarecrow wanted to take care of the Produce Stand, so I moved it over for him. Look, he has his nephew with him too, and his new dog. He wanted some company, so we adopted a homeless skeleton doggie for him. So cute!

My friend's daughter gets married tomorrow, 10-11. I am SOOOOO tempted to stick a sign next to these folks saying “this year's wedding dedicated to ………..” But no. I'll behave.

Ah, what a peaceful scene. Ghosts in the graveyard.

A shot of the end of the yard to show the spooky tree off properly.

Must be time to go in now. Victor's looking for me. Check out the left hand side of the window, and you'll see a pup-nose trying to poke it's way out from behind the blackout curtain.

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