Winter postcards - 10/365

by Barbra January. 31, 2017 893 views

Interesting how different seasons of the year may introduce certain places and objects to our eyes.

Below are photos of the most popular venues in my hometown, Sopot. longest wooden pier in Europe which i mentioned in my very first 365 Project post and Grand Hotel.

Both look very sad and almost abandoned due to freezing winter weather. Conversely, in summer Sopot beach and Grand Hotel are the most lively places in the area, full of tourists who spend their family vacation in summer.

Sopot Grand Hotel originally was built in years 1924 - 1927, as the most refined hotel in the town - Kasino Hotel. Recently, hotel has been totally renovated but kept its classical atmosphere from the past. At presents it fascinates visitors' eyes with its both classical and modern style inside. In the past the hotel had hosted many famous people such as German artist Marlene Dietrich, general and President of France Charles de Gaulle, popular pop&disco group Boney M., President of Russia Vladimir Putin and many others. 

For the contrast I will publish the "summer version" of the hotel and beach in few months, when the atmosphere will be much different.

Frozen beach sand and longest wooden pier in Europe in the background

Grand Hotel in Sopot

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