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I was out trail walking today and found these ferns. The first few drops of rain began as I was lying on the forest floor taking these. I began the, jist over a kilometre walk out hoping to stay dry. I got back to the truck just before it started to pour rain. At least it wasn't snow today.

McMommy talked about fibonacci a while back. Here is an example in nature.

Can you guess why the unopened ferns were given this name?

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Leslie 5 years ago

Beautiful Fiddlehead shots Dave!

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Mike Meliska 5 years ago

What unique plants,,,

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Kim 5 years ago

Great macros! very wonderful :-)

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Sara G 5 years ago

Wonderful Job! #2 looks like two aliens talking to one another..:-))

5 years ago Edited
Felecia 5 years ago

I already know why so it wouldn't be a guess.
Wonderful shots Dave. Really good clarity.
BTW, I lie on the sand/dirt/rocks/tree stumps all the time to take photos. Can you imagine if a group of us went out shooting together? We'd look pretty funny.

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Anggrekfoto 5 years ago

So lovely.

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Jennifer Litwinowicz 5 years ago

wow cool shots! i love the way they curve!

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Art Bee 5 years ago

Hahaha..... I can just imagine you laying on the forest floor taking shots of these ferns.....good job btw! Yes, and it is good that it didn't snow....i

5 years ago Edited
Sã©Rgio 5 years ago

very nice , good macro

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Arindam Das 5 years ago


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