Casual Close-Ups | Attempts to stay sane

by Anastasia Kuznetsova March. 30, 2020 228 views

How do you deal with being unable to walk with a camera for so long? Mine is like a young puppy I'm forced to restrict from playing in the garden. Photographers I read all say you need to walk and zoom into the everyday life. Most fascinating scenes are trivial. And yet, how many compositions can get out from the four walls of my current inhabitance?

All of my friends have turned to cooking to keep themselves busy so... I thought I might as well find something there.

But what if it was never a hobby of mine? I mean, to take a picture of something edible you first gotta make it. Plus our supplies of sugar and eggs are rapidly disappearing.

If you open your window wide enough for you to almost dive into your backyard, you might as well find that even the freshly cut grass makes a pattern. I started doubting will there be an issue if you zoom into your neighbour's yard and will they bother to knock at my door after.

Everything reminds of an outstanding outside world we are temporary deprived of. For now, I'm using Google Earth, to plan God knows how many walks, to compensate for the months ahead

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Shauna Golembiewski 1 year ago

The colors in the pepper picture, yes!

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Anastasia Kuznetsova Replied to Shauna Golembiewski 1 year ago


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Streets Of Israel 1 year ago

I am blessed with a job, which I can do from home, and two wonderful, but also very energetic kids, so my problem is not having time to do photography at all.

I do miss being able to take a walk with the camera, even if only to the office or to the bus home. I was getting a bit annoyed at my habit to take photos of even the most uninteresting thing, just to get the shot, but now I'm probably going to encourage myself to do so, when all this is over.

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