Reception by a brown bear

by Anastasia Kuznetsova April. 07, 2020 210 views

We were getting ready for this week of practical field work, when I said i intended to bring my camera with me.

Everyone gave me a challenging look. At first.

Until we sat on the balcony after dark and a low pitched steady growl broke the way of an amuzing dialogue.

She was just 5? 6? meters away from us.

It took the loudest person I know about 15 minutes of screaming in Romanian to reach the campers on the field below. Yet those 15 minutes didn't do anything to the wild bear. She was taking her time, looking around a prudently closed bin.

When the police car finally appeared to send her away, it took her two of her cubs seconds to cross the field, completely ignoring the campers and disappear into the forest. The forest I will never ever get into again with just a pair of slippers and Canon on me.

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Antonio Gil 8 months ago

Wow. That is called a close encounter. Amazing.

8 months ago Edited
Shauna Golembiewski 8 months ago

What an exciting surprise! and what luck to have your camera. ;)

8 months ago Edited