Blueberries with Milk

by Anastasia Kuznetsova April. 29, 2020 270 views

Going to the market was a Big day. After a few weeks in a summer country house I quickly got tired of half-painted sandbox and my dad - a great appreciator of food and multicoloured velvet trousers - was gently said d.o.n.e with cereal and omelette (no matter how wonderful his omelette was.)

We went for everything that had VITAMINS in it. Bought berries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries I gobbled up with sugar. Blueberries were never touched before the next morning, left for dad.

He poured berries into the round bowl and add milk to them, then sweetened it a little and ate as a variation of a cereal. I clearly remember trying it with one though: "I don't get it".

But, oh boy, was it good...!

When I tell this story people say: "Oh my God... Is that what you, Russian people, do?"

I'm pretty sure it was just him. (Although we do make a sweet spaghetti milk stop, I'll tell you that)

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Mike Linehan 10 months ago

#1lovely photo

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Anastasia Kuznetsova Replied to Mike Linehan 10 months ago

Thank you!)

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