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Protein shake - 3 carbs




Taco salad with chicken, no chips - 6 carbs




Atkins Coconut Bar - 3 net carbs




Pork loin and Cheesy Broccoli - 7.5 carbs



Daily Reflection

I am actually surprised I didn't go over my 20 net carb limit, my math has me at 19.5.  I fully expected to be over due to the extra snacks I had today.  You can see Atkins and other purchased protein items are coming into play, a convenient result of my shopping trip.  MFP had my total carbs at 42, which is still under 50 so I'm good with that.

My breakfast consisted of a protein shake, from Sams, that was 5 total carbs and only 3 net.  I got two new flavors this time, a departure from my usual chocolates, and it was pretty good.  It's not my new go-to flavor but I will definitely drink them all.  Additionally, I had a lot of water this morning.  I have a 64oz jug that I take to work and try to drink throughout the day, in addition to any other drinks such as sodas.  I usually drink a couple of inches out just on the train ride in and make a decent dent by lunch.  This also helps stave off hunger, if needed.

Lunch was a taco salad from the cafeteria in our building.  I had to enter the ingredients on MFP individually so the carbs are more of an estimate but I did try to only add low-carb items.  For what I added, the sour cream was actually the highest, with almost 3 carbs but I really don't know exactly what kind of cheese they put or what all was added to the chicken.  I was definitely full after eating all that, though, and that was the small portion, lol.

I actually took some nuts with me as a snack and, before eating them I entered them into MFP.  The totals came out to almost 6 carbs for that tiny little bag, barely a handful altogether so I held off.  I remembered I'd bought two new flavors of Atkins dessert type bars and the coconut one had been calling my name ever since.  With the added fiber and sweetened with sugar alcohols, the net carbs were a lot lower than total at only 3 net and 19 total.  You can see on the macros it was my highest carb item for the day; again a reason I wish MFP would calculate net as it threw off my whole day.  This will occur anytime I eat anything sweet as (if I'm good) it will all be sweetened with sugar alcohols (artificial sweetener) instead of sugar, causing the total carbs to be much higher than the net.  Just before leaving I ate my cheese stick, mostly so I wouldn't have to throw it away after sitting out all day.  It was 0 carbs so I figured it would help tide me thought the ride home and dinner prep.

The other day I got out a pork loin to thaw so when I got home I threw that into my InstaPot.  If you haven't heard of these new electric pressure cookers definitely look them up.  They're like crock pots in a fraction of the time, with meat going from frozen to done in under an hour.  Technically, I didn't even need to thaw the pork loin but moved it to the fridge more as a reminder; plus it's easier to get out of the packaging when thawed.  I also overcooked some frozen broccoli and added cheese as a side.  After working all day, this was a nice, low-maintenance meal.  The broccoli was my second highest total carb item at 8 total carbs, although after subtracting all the fiber, it was really only 4 net carbs.

With my work I'm able to work from home up to 3 days a week and usually do so on Tue. and Thu. so I'll be working from home tomorrow.  This means a real breakfast (although probably not until lunch time) and cooking another of my recipes for dinner.  I will also try to get in a dessert tomorrow but I have a paper due this weekend and will likely need to spend all my free time on that the next few days.

To end on a high note, this was me at work today.  I work in a small area so when I say I received about 10 compliments on my top and how I looked today, that is pretty significant (I'm usually pleased with 2 or 3, which I usually only get from coworkers I haven't seen in a while).  So in addition to being back at my lowest (so far) weight today was a great motivation that what I am doing works and to just stick with it (and not eat the real candy, lol).


Lookin' good

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