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On this page I will track my weight moving forward.  I would say weight loss, but who knows, I'll be honest about it either way because backtracking and falling off the wagon does happen.  That's the whole reason I began this blog, to keep myself accountable and honest after too many cheat meals/days and regaining about 7 lbs of what I had lost.  As opposed to my other pages, I'll be posting the newest items first and pushing older content down over time.


So this weigh-in was a bit different.  I was out of town for a funeral on Sunday, which is when I traditionally weigh in.  I did do a weight on that day and came in a pound heavier than the picture below but I'm not sure if I was actually heavier or if it's just the difference between scales (as I used my Mom's).  Knowing I wouldn't be home to weigh, I weighed myself on 12/1 and 12/2 before leaving and again on 12/7, after returning.  The weight below is from 12/2 and 12/1 was exactly the same.  My weight on 12/7 was .2 heavier, at 206.6.  Since it was the first of a month, I did take pictures which are included below.  Also below are new measurements which were done on 12/7 since on 12/2 I was distracted with getting out of the house and some pictures and graphs showing changes from the last month.

While my weight is back up from last weekend, I was out of town and did a lot of eating out and eating at relatives houses, which put a serious hamper on eating low carb or tracking what I was eating.  Overall, I'm happy that it didn't go up any further than that and will be doing an egg fast the rest of the week to reset myself.

Measurements on 12/7/16

Bust - 41.5 in

Chest - 38.5 in

Upper arm - 14.5 in

Forearm - 9.5 in

Waist - 41 in

Hips - 48.5 in

Midway - 47.5 in (this is halfway between your waist and hips)

Thighs - 27.25 in

Knees - 15.5 in

Calves - 15.75 in

Interestingly, my measurements on the upper half of my body increased, by about an inch each, while the lower half of my body decreased by about an inch each.  I'm not sure of the significance of that or if it's just that I'm not measuring in the exact same spots.  Also, these measurements were done in the afternoon, as opposed to the morning on the previous ones, if that matters.

Below is a graph of my weight changes this past month.  It has been a tumultuous month and not as consistently downward as previous months have been.  It being the holidays, though, and me being a bit further into this Way of Eating (WOE) this is likely to be expected.

Pictures from Oct. 30 and Nov. 2 for comparison.  Even though I didn't have much weight loss, to me I look smaller in the chest and waist areas.  It could be just how I was standing but it's a good reminder to not only rely on the scale.


Happily, my weight has gone back down a little this past week.  This is also surprising given all of the high-carb days I had with company in town and the Thanksgiving holiday.  While I'm still not back down to my lowest point (still 1.6 lbs above that as you can see), I hope to keep this trend going moving forward.




As you can see my weight increased a few pounds over last week.  Having had both pizza on Sunday (a lot of carbs) and some cornbread on Wednesday, I wasn't terribly surprised but was a bit disheartened, especially knowing the week ahead will bring guests and an eating holiday.  I'm a bit glad I put the disclaimer above about it not being all loss and it was really hard to take this picture and share, admitting to the defeat of an increase, especially on the heels of no loss and just a pound lost the last two weeks.  That is why I do this though, it's important to be honest with myself and to do that I have to be honest with others as well.  This is even more motivation to stay on track this coming week and move the numbers back down again and get into those 100s.




My work is doing a "Maintain, Don't Gain" initiative for the holidays so I've been entering my Sunday weights when I go in the following Monday.  The weights are displayed on these handy graphs that I'm liking a lot.  I especially like the BMI one and how it shows I was at/past the "very high" zone (I was definitely over back in April when I started this) and now I'm under, yay.

Weight Graph

10/16 - 11/13

BMI Graph



I didn't quite make a pound of loss this week, but it was close.  As you can see below, I did lose enough to hit the 35 lb weight loss mark with Fitbit.  The Fitbit is mostly tracking loss since April, since that's when I actually started losing since I got the tracker.  MFP shows greater weight loss overall because I've had that account longer and it's counting down from a higher starting weight.  I again worked from home 3 of 4 days this week (off Friday) and still think that is having an impact, once you count the weekend, I only really did any walking one day this week (although I did go down a lot of stairs that one day).  I have a knee that's still healing from a fall so once that's done I hope to do more in-home exercises but I definitely need to get out walking at least some each day.  I did have a higher-carb meal later this evening so we'll see how that affects next week's weight.



Fitbit Badge

35 lbs lost


I didn't go down at all from last week (apparently also forgot to save it so it does say I'm down a pound).  I also didn't go up so that's good.  I worked from home more this week, three of the five days, and I know I don't get near the exercise / walking that I do when I go to the office.  I'm guessing this has had an impact and we'll see what happens next week.




Even though I weigh in weekly, I intend to do a more detailed analysis monthly and, since this is as close as I'll get to the first of the month, here goes.

As you can see below, I weighed in at 203.4 this week, which is 1.8 down from last week.  I just realized that means I'm only 3.5 lbs from the 100s, wow!



Below is a front view of how I looked today.  Scroll to the very bottom of this post for a comparison from April, which is when I really began this journey.



And here is a side view from today.  This is my first side view, as most of my previous pictures were done for DietBet and it only requests front views.  As you can see, there's still a bit in the middle to go but this will be a good baseline.



Also today I did my first measurements as I finally bought a new flexible tape measure.  I looked online for the relevant measurements to do and they are below:

Bust - 40.5 in

Chest - 37 in

Upper arm - 13.5 in

Forearm - 9 in

Waist - 39.5 in

Hips - 47.5 in

Midway - 48 in (this is halfway between your waist and hips)

Thighs - 28.5 in

Knees - 16 in

Calves - 16 in


This last week, my work had appointments available to use an In-Body machine.  It measured the different compositions within the body, mainly muscle and fat, and also looks at how it's distributed around the body.

As you can see, it weighed me a bit higher than my scale has been showing but this was done fully clothes except for socks and shoes.  My weight of course is high, as is my fat, but my muscle mass is right at the top of the normal range.  It will be important for me to do strength training to maintain that as I continue to lose weight.

This provided some great insight and I will likely do it again in a few months.

Detailed Weight



As you see below, my weight for today, 10.23.16, is 205.2.  This is 3.4 lbs down from last week.  I've said before, the most significant results are always the first week or two, as you flush carbs and such, but any forward progress is still great.  Of course, this is after fasting, while working outside in the yard, so my actual loss may be slightly less.  Next week will tell.




Up until now, the lowest I had gotten was 211.  I did my first official weigh-in for this blog last Sunday and came in at 213.8.  As you can see below (please ignore my giant, ugly toes) this morning I hit 208.6, a loss of 5.2 lbs for the week.  This is also a new low and I'm super excited to be so close to the 100s, which is great motivation to keep going.


Below is my progress over the last three months, beginning with the weigh-in date closest to 3 months from the current weigh-in.  You can see on here that three months ago I was just over 220 lbs and, overall have decreased to my current weight.  The long flat stretch is where I went back up and just didn't record the changes.


3 months

For comparison, here is my weight for the past year.  At my very highest, I was over 260, definitely wasn't entering that, but was likely around 250 when I first joined MFP.  Even though I was working to lose weight beginning around January, I was using Fitbit instead of MFP so most of the gradual losses weren't entered.  I connected the two apps when I began doing more DietBets and that's when you see the more regular entries.  It's hard to believe I've lost almost 50 lbs in the last year.


1 year

Since I upgraded MFP, it allows me to upload photos for each of my weigh-ins.  I went ahead and filled in my past ones as far back as there were weights, luckily I had the pictures from my DietBet weigh-ins and outs.  I didn't take one today but will begin doing so moving forward.

MFP also has this feature that lets you know your total loss, as a woo hoo, and shows the comparison pictures so I've place that below.  The "before" picture is probably from April.


42.2 lbs lost in all

Below is my starting picture from 4.11.16.  This is when I decided to get serious about being healthier and doing low carb.  I had lost some weight before now, from my highest point at 260-ish and my weight in this picture is 244 lbs.


April 2016

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