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Daily Reflection

I didn't take pictures of any of my food today but it is all recorded in MFP.  Some of it I've had before so I thought about inserting previously taken pics but I just have too much going on right now.  My mom and grandma will be here tomorrow so I'm trying to finish cleaning the house and get all my homework done before they arrive.

Technically the first of my snacks were eaten last night but I'd already done all the final stuff and it was almost midnight so I just rolled them over to today.  The pimento cheese wrap didn't sate my sweet craving so I had the Chocorite Peanut Butter Cup Patties and two of the Atkins Peanut Butter Cups, so four candies at all.  I felt a bit sick to my stomach afterward but they were tasty.

Around noon today I ran to Home Depot for some items and stopped at Jack in the Box on my way back.  I hadn't eaten so went for breakfast foods.  I got both the Meat Lover's burrito and the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich; I'd forgotten how big they were and could've just gotten one.  I didn't eat any of the breads, of course, and they made a nice breakfast.

I did some chores and then took a long nap, so skipped lunch.  My brother made himself a dinner so I had the last serving of the Chicken Pasta with cheese sauce.

While doing homework, I had a serving of the Valor Dark Chocolate with Orange.

I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring, they'll be in at around 3, so we'll likely have dinner somewhere.  Other than that, I don't have anything planned.

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