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Happy Thanksgiving!!


"Bulletproof" Coffee - 1 carb




Cream Cheese Pancakes - 2 carbs



Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner - 38.5 carbs







Daily Reflection

Today's net carb count came in at 41.5 and total carbs were 55.  Since my breakfast and lunch were both super low carb, I had the room to have a high intake for Thanksgiving dinner.

My grandma is visiting for the holiday and has a couple cups of coffee every morning.  I typically only drink coffee when I need the caffeine and don't want to get a soda but the smell is making me crave it.  Luckily, I had just ordered some new "Bulletproof" type coffee additions and some instant coffee.  I don't have a coffeemaker at home so instant works better for me than going out just to buy some.  The nice thing is that both types are lower in carbs than the Bulletproof brand so that morning cup only cost me 1 carb instead of 5.  It also really filled me up.  I woke up late so when the others were ready to eat I was full and definitely not hungry.

I've been telling my mom about the Cream Cheese Pancakes so she suggested those for breakfast (we all got up late so it was closer to lunchtime).  I made a double batch and my mom and grandma each ate 3 and I had 2 (one batch makes 4).  They both thought they were good and, since I only had two, it only cost me two carbs.

We spent most of the day hanging around, didn't go anywhere except for a walk around the neighborhood.  After 3 we got started on the rest of the cooking for Thanksgiving dinner.  We'd already made the desserts and prepped the sweet potatoes and mashed cauliflower yesterday so today we did the dressing, green beans, asparagus, and both meats.  We ate around 6, once my brother got up.  I'm not going to go into linking each recipe and going into it all here.  All of the links are on this other post of mine along with reviews of each dish.


As you see in the picture, I had small amounts of everything.  The serving spoons weren't huge and most of the recipes split the whole recipe into 6ths or 8ths at least so I figure I only had a half-serving or so of each thing on that plate.  That said, I did get seconds of several of those items so I went ahead and just counted full servings on my carb counts.  Usually when I do a recipe, I add it from the website directly into MFP and then replace the ingredients with my own brands (exactly what I did use) using the barcodes or searching by brand when necessary.  With so many in this case, I didn't do that so each recipe's ingredients are just based on what matched in MFP, which I did review, and don't necessarily match exactly what I used; they should be close though.

While 52 carbs for a meal is a lot, once I subtracted the fiber it did decrease significantly due to all the vegetables being used in the sides.  This made me feel a lot better about my intake and more comfortable knowing the leftovers won't be significantly increasing my carb counts for the next week.

We're meeting other relatives at a state park tomorrow so I'll be able to get more walking in.  I also plan to make a Peanut Butter Pie, a low carb version of my dad's famous dish.  I expect we'll be having leftovers for dinner and will probably eat out the other meals.

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