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Frosted Flakes


Firehouse Club and Doritos


Nestlé Tollhouse Cafe


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Daily Reflection

I'm running a little behind as today is Wednesday and this is Monday's post.  You'll also notice a distinct lack of low carb eating on this post.

I woke this morning feeling faint when I would stand; I had to sit down several times in the process of applying my makeup.  I also had a fuzzy feeling at the back of my skull, hard to describe, and was feeling nauseous.  I sat and laid down several times and even ate a little cereal, thinking maybe my blood sugar was low (even though I've not had issues with that in the past). I'd never felt like this before and talked it over with my mom, ultimately deciding to call into work and go to the doctor instead.

I was able to get an appointment with my doctor's PA and laid down for a nap.  They called before I could even go to my appointment and, based on my symptoms, advised me to go to the ER instead.  Luckily my brother was off and had just gotten up, so he took me.  We were there well into the afternoon.  They did numerous tests, including my laying, sitting, and standing blood pressure, EKG (I have a heart murmur), chest x-ray, and multiple blood tests.  They also gave me a whole bag of saline through IV.  The ultimate decision was that I didn't have anything serious or life-threatening wrong with me that they could tell and that I was likely slightly dehydrated.  I was to rest and get plenty of fluids and eat healthy, balanced meals the next two days.

We left the hospital and stopped at a nearby Firehouse Subs, which are so delicious.  I didn't even bother and ate the sandwich, bread and all, plus the chips and a sweet tea (too sweet and made me feel sick).  We stopped at a couple of CVS's to pick up prescriptions so it was late by the time we got home and I took a nap.

After the nap, I saw doughnuts on an UberEats Twitter post and got a craving but didn't find them - found Nestle Tollhouse Cafe instead and ordered some cookies and a coffee, all of which I consumed.

Due to the nap, I was up late so I also had some leftover veggies late in the evening, to counteract the sweets.

I did also drink quite a bit of water in there, in order to keep my hydration up.  This goes to show that sometimes low carb isn't appropriate and you need to do what your body tells you.

Also, thinking back, this past week with my mom I did significantly increase my soda intake, from practically none to daily, and multiple times daily.  Also, on Sunday, I didn't eat or drink anything all morning due to forgetting to weigh before leaving and then took a nap when I got home.  So chances were that I was dehydrated when you put all that together, especially since a low carb diet does require more fluids than usual.  Guess I learned my lesson on that one the hard way.

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