12.8.17 - Egg Fast Day 2

by Stacie Wilson December. 10, 2016 290 views

Bulletproof Coffee and Scrambled Eggs with Cheddar - 1 carb

Cream Cheese Pancake with Mayo and Cheddar - .5 carbs

Deviled Eggs - 0 carbs

Melted Cheddar and Colby-Jack - 0 carbs

Daily Reflection

The egg fast continues and I made it through another day.  Today went better as I only felt nauseous in the morning, I think the Bulletproof coffee might be a little strong for me.

I started with scrambled egg and cheddar, cooked in plenty of butter.  I've found the cheese and salt to make the eggs more palatable.  I also had a Bulletproof Coffee, made with some instant coffee and a Vanilla FatCoffee packet, which gave me the 1 carb.  Today I did have this before 10 am per the guidelines.

With all the water, I stayed pretty full until the afternoon and in late afternoon I made a wrap with a cream cheese pancake left from yesterday spread with some mayo and topped with a slice of cheese.  I microwaved it just for a bit to melt the cheese and make the pancake more pliable.  This came out better than I expected and I thought the sweetness of the pancake would conflict with the cheese and mayo.  The cheese and mayo overcame the sweetness though and it was a nice savory snack.

After work I boiled some eggs and made two into deviled eggs, mixing the yolks with mayo and mustard.  I also added a little salt which helped.

Just before 7 I melted two slices of cheese.  I quite like these but like them baked better, they get crunchy more than chewy when baked so over the weekend I may bake some instead.

I did better at tracking my water too, adding it into the tracker every time I refilled my cup.  Of what I counted, I had 116 oz, and that's not counting the coffee and I may have missed one somewhere.

I'll be going into the office tomorrow so I've prepped as much as possible.  I have the other half of the egg salad in my lunch back with three oz of cheese and two hardboiled eggs.  I've also filled my big 64 oz jug and put it in the fridge.  I'm taking instant coffee packets and the butter/oil mix to make bulletproof coffee in case I can't buy any coffee to add the mix to.  I think I'm all set and hopefully won't have any distractions or temptations.

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