12.9.16 - Egg Fast Day 3

by Stacie Wilson December. 10, 2016 290 views

Scrambled eggs with cheese and butter - 3 carbs

Cheese - 0 carbs

Egg salad - 0 carbs

Stick cheese - 0 carbs

Snickerdoodle Crepes - 3 carbs

Lots of water

Daily Reflection

Day 3 of the egg fast over and today was even better as I didn't feel nauseous at all.  Also, I weighed this morning as was down to 201.8 lbs, which is 4.8 lbs lower than I was on Wed. morning when I started this egg fast.

Since guidelines say to have the bulletproof coffee within 30 minutes of waking, I did make some here at home and take it with me, drinking it as I drove in.  It was more like within an hour of waking but close enough.

Once I got to work I ordered some scrambled eggs with cheese from the building cafeteria.  I ended up not eating right away and reheated them around 9am with some butter I'd taken with me.  Since I don't know what they use, I found and used some generic options in MFP, which totaled it out to 3 carbs.

Around 11 I had one of the Delfino cheese snacks and ate the other 30-6- minutes later, with a bunch of water in between.

I ate my lunch, the Egg Salad at around 2pm.  It could do with a little salt, which I'll add the next time I make it.

At around 4pm I ate the cheddar stick cheese.

After I got home I decided to give the Snickerdoodle Crepes a try.  I'm already a huge fan of the Cream Cheese Pancakes and these are basically that recipe but rolled up with a butter, sweetener, and cinnamon filling.  All I can say is OMG, definitely my new favorite thing.  I only made half the recipe and then only ate half of that, two crepes.  I still have two more and am definitely looking forward to having them although I'll likely just eat them as pancakes with the butter mixture spread on them, rather than trying to roll them up.  I'm not sure how well they'll reheat but the cream cheese pancake did fairly well yesterday so I'll give it a shot.  Plus the two filled me up and i was already cooking the third.

I'm counting the cream cheese as cheese so that's basically my limit for the day, so no more food.  That's fine though because I'm still stuffed and have plenty more water to drink.  I did share a picture of the water I drank just at work, all of my big 64 oz jug plus two bottles (I finished one on the drive home).  I'm already at 104 oz and will probably have another glass before bed.  I am trying to cut the water off earlier though, as I'm having to get up during the night.

Both of my papers are due Sunday so I'll be spending the whole weekend working on those.  Tomorrow I do want to try making the Fettuccine Alfredo though, so that's next on the list, along with what's left of those crepes.

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