12.10.16 - Egg Fast Day 4

by Stacie Wilson December. 11, 2016 335 views

Bulletproof Coffee - 0 carbs

Scrambled Eggs with Colby Jack - 0 carbs

Fettuccine Alfredo - 1 carb

Cheese and flavored water - 0 carbs

Salted Caramel Custard - 1 carb

Daily Reflection

Day 4 of my egg fast and again no nausea, so I think it's going well.  I will say that after an egg fast, you would not need a cleanse; and I'll leave it at that.  Days 2 and 3 were the worst, especially 2.  Tomorrow is my standard weigh-in day so I didn't weigh today but have high hopes for the morning.

For breakfast I had Bulletproof coffee (BPC) again.  I wasn't even up until after 10am but did have this within 30 min of waking. I got a blender during all these sales and it arrived late yesterday so I used the cup that came with that and blended my BPC for the first time.  Previously I've used a whisk to hand mix it or shaken it in a travel cup and am used to it that way.  That said, I can see why they say blending it is better as it really incorporates the butter and oil into the coffee and makes it much smoother.  I received a second, backup cup today, so between the two I should always have a clean one to blend my BPC in the future.  The Cream Cheese Pancakes also call for blending and those two items were a large part of why I got one.

As I said above, I wasn't even up before 10am, I'd fallen asleep at around 9pm, woke at 11pm and couldn't go back to sleep so I was up late.  I did have my breakfast within 2 hours of waking even though it was more like lunch time.  I've found a couple other egg fast sites and the guidelines vary a bit depending on the needs of the person, one doesn't eat for 3 hours after waking due to a medication and others state to eat the first egg within a certain time of waking and to finish eating a certain time before going to sleep.  While I like the over-well eggs I cook, I'm finding scrambled is my favorite way to eat them for breakfast during this, especially once I add the cheese on top.

Mid-afternoon I took a homework break and looked through the recipes I hadn't yet tried.  I did go ahead and decide on the Fettuccine Alfredo and used the blender to mix up the noodle ingredients.  Since this and the custard both use the oven, and same temp, while the noodles were cooking, I again used the blender to mix up the custard ingredients.  It timed almost perfectly for them to go in when I took the noodles out.  I cut them up and made the sauce and ate them all while the custards were cooking.  I don't think I let them cook long enough so I wasn't a fan of the texture of the noodles.  Both the noodles and sauce had a great flavor though so I'll definitely try making it again.

The custards took forever to set in the middle; I couldn't find the caramel extract so I just used some caramel drink flavoring I had (sugar free) and I think it made it too liquidy.  I was finally able to take them out and let them cool on the stove for a bit before refrigerating them.

At around dinnertime I went ahead and ate one piece of the Dofino cheese.  I had intended and counted myself as eating two but was done after the one.  Plus, you're only suppose to have an oz of cheese per egg and I was worried I'd be going over the limit if I ate both.  I decided to splurge and pulled the flavored water out of the fridge while eating my lunch.  After 4 days of only plain water, it was a definite treat and went quick.  I finished it around this time.

After my brother got up (after 8pm) I made the topping for the custards and ate the bigger one.  I used the same drink flavor in the topping and the caramel flavor really came out.  The sugar was still crystallize but it was delish (the topping, not the custard).  While you couldn't tell the custard was mostly egg, I didn't care for the texture.  I'll eat the second one but likely won't make it again.

I'll still be up for a bit doing my papers and am on water for the rest of the night but I'm not hungry at all so that's no biggie.  Tomorrow I'll start with my weigh-in.  As it's my last day, I think I'll start incorporating some non-egg items into the dishes.  I think I'll add some bacon to my morning eggs and might make an actual low carb meal for dinner.  That part mostly depends on where I am on my papers and if I have time to go shopping or not.  The plan I'm following has two transition days, where you still eat egg fast recipes for a couple of meals and low carb food for the third meal; it's supposed to help keep off the weight you lost so I figure it's worth a shot since following the plan hasn't been very difficult for me.

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