12.11.16 - Egg Fast Day 5

by Stacie Wilson December. 12, 2016 260 views

BPC and Scrambled Eggs with Bacon - 0 carbs

Boiled eggs fried in Butter - 1 carb

Cheese - 0 carbs

Salted Caramel Custard - 0 carbs

Daily Reflection

My final day of the Egg Fast and, besides the timing, I mostly stayed on plan.

After being up late the night before, I slept in until after noon.  I did have the Bulletproof coffee within 30 min of waking up and finished it within the first hour.  I woke up feeling hungry for the first time so I went ahead and scrambled some eggs and added in some bacon.

I got back to my homework and realized it had been a while since I'd eaten.  I'd seen a recipe where you slice hardboiled eggs and fry them in butter.  Since I had some already boiled, I gave that a shot and it came out really good, I will definitely make that again.

Later in the evening, I had a couple pieces of cheese while continuing to work on my papers.

I had to buy some things for tomorrow so when I decided I was done enough for a break, I ran to the store.  I came back and finished my papers and turned them in before cooking up some Crack Slaw for the rest of the week.  I didn't eat any, though, and instead ate the second serving of the Salted Caramel Custard.  I still didn't like the texture and likely will not make it again.

I will likely keep with the transition plan, eating eggs for breakfast and possibly dinner.  I'll be in the office tomorrow so I'm taking the crack slaw for my lunch.  It's all ready to go along with my jug of water and I'll grab some cheese sticks out in the morning.

In summary of the Egg Fast, I found it surprisingly easy to follow and it was also super effective.  I weighed on the Wed. morning before I started this plan and came in at 206.6 and you can see above that today's weight was 197.6, which means a loss of exactly 9 lbs and that's not counting today.  I'll weigh again in the morning but, having eaten so late, it may not be much lower.

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