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by Bob Rosenberg June. 16, 2019 238 views

When my daughter organized her wedding, she said to me that she wanted both me (her birth father) and her step-dad to walk her down the aisle. At first, I was just a tiny bit put off, but after just a small amount of thought, I realized that he was a huge part of her life and she wanted him to participate as well. For his part, he was extraordinarily respectful of my position, stepping back to allow me to go first at every point. We're friends he and I, and it was a glorious day. I'm on the left.

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Jay Boggess 1 year ago

Glad it all worked so well! Congratulations!

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Marsha 1 year ago

Wonderful scene...congrats to all!

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Andi Saw 1 year ago

You both raised a spectacular human being! blue heart You should be both so proud of yourself! 
Congratulation sweetie!

1 year ago Edited
Bob Rosenberg Replied to Andi Saw 1 year ago

That's very nice of your to say, Andi. Yes, and she's become a wonderful mother now as well.

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Andi Saw Replied to Bob Rosenberg 1 year ago

This picture makes me so happy! blue heart

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Heike 1 year ago

Lovely story. Very nice way to honor both dads!

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Lee Santiva 1 year ago

Fathers of the bride - what a great story snd beautiful bride! Thx for sharing!

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Camellia Staab 1 year ago

Kudos to you Uncle Bob and congrats to your daughter.😊

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