photoblog365 - Time

by Bob Rosenberg June. 19, 2019 188 views

Two "TIME" items today.
First, my horses and their many buddies live in a huge and hilly pasture - over 1/2 mile long and 1/3 mile wide. Ranch hands feed them VERY early every day (and also in the afternoon). They're fed next to the parking lot, but when they're done, the whole herd wanders back to the furthest hill at the back of the pasture.

Now my guy has a hoof issue that requires a pill every day. So, on days that I'm not going to ride, I have to either get to the ranch VERY early while they're still eating, or plan on a long walk up and down some hills just to get to him with that pill. Today was a "no ride" day, so I zoomed up to the ranch at 6:30am. Mission accomplished.

Time #2: California has established what are called "Car Pool Lanes". Cars with more than one occupant can use these lanes during "rush hour" times. Also, special stickers that allow access to these lanes are given to electric and ultra high mileage cars. I have an electric car and the appropriate stickers. The only problem: there is almost no enforcement of the rules for these lanes, so as many as 60% of the drivers using the lane are cheaters - single driver, regular car. So the advantage of zooming past all the solo drivers is greatly reduced. And it's unfortunately understandable. Even though the fine for violating the rule is $600, if you're a cheater, there are dozens of cheaters in the lane ahead of you, and dozens of cheaters in the lane behind you. With scant enforcement, your chances of getting caught are almost nil. So, I toodle along, frustrated by all the cheaters.

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