What is Being Healthy?

by Stephen Goff January. 03, 2017 615 views

When we think about being healthy we automatically think about our bodies and ensuring that they are at their optimal peak. However being healthy isn't just about the external factors of the body, but also about our minds which need to be challenged and developed daily but also our heart and soul needs to remain healthy. 

For me that now involves ensuring that I take up not only the 365 challenge but also to tackle reading the bible in a year. I have attempted this time and time again but tend to fall behind as summer approaches but as with any training the only way you will see results or overcome things such a step negativity is to persevere, keep pushing yourself, have someone who is accountable for you (for encouragement, coaching and a constant reinforcement) and remind yourself daily of who you are and what the difference will mean to you and those around you. 

Many times it mentions in the bible about giving your ALL, not part of you but everything, the whole thing. Going into something half-hearted will never produce the best results possible and unless you fully commmit failure is always an option. By seeking, trusting, following, giving and doing our all, with our entire heart, body, mind and soul, there is so much we can achieve! 

Keep going! 

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