Magic, you say...

by Stephen Goff January. 05, 2017 297 views

I'm always sceptical when people talk about something being magic especially when I am someone who is a Christian. It is just part of a long line of things such as luck, superstition and some of the stuff that features Yvette Fielding. The trick with a lot of 'magic' is down to sleight of hand, visual deception and/or misdirection. It is about playing on the senses to make you believe that something unexplainable has happened and thus the only possible explanation is that it was magic. 

I however am a firm believer in something that happens that is potentially unexplainable is actually a blessing or a display of true faith. Faith is believing in something that you cannot see and trusting in it. I cannot see God but I believe that He exists and that He has his hand over my life. I believe that when something unexpected happens that it isn't necessarily luck but rather that it is a blessing at a time of challenge. I think that in a way that might sound a little hypocritical but I think that the main difference between the two is placing my trust in something explainable if unseen rather than a conclusion that it is seen but unexplainably magic...

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