Vardzia, Republic of Georgia - August 2014

by Steveandjustyna February. 07, 2017 856 views

After our return from Armenia we decided to spend more time around Vardzia and Aspindza on the Kura River in southern part of the Republic of Georgia. One of the incredible atractions of this area is a monastery excavated in a face of a mountain,  called the Vardzia Cave Monastery. Still active as a monastery, although not as big as it used to be, this almost a thousand year old monastery lies in spectacular valley of the Kura River. We devoted several days to explore the monastery and it's surroundings.

The openings in the face of the mountain are windows and chambers of the monastery.

Beautiful Kura River Valley, where Vardzia is located.

Three baby birds in a nest waiting to be fed by their busy-catching-bugs parents.

Another view of the Cave Monastery.

We found an abandoned house on the opposite side of the valley, with a spectacular view of the monastery. This would be a property to own!

We found a good restaurant in Vardzia, on the river at the base of the mountain where the Cave Monastery is located.

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