Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina - 2014

by Steveandjustyna Nomads March. 25, 2017 955 views

We visited Kill Devil Hills- the birthplace of aviation- in October 2014. It is the site of "the Wright brothers' first controlled, powered airplane flights on December 17, 1903.'' It was chosen for that purpose by the brothers "for its good winds". It is a place where the world history has taken a huge step forward. We were thrilled to see the famous hills with our own eyes...

Quotations from Wikipedia. 

At the Museum. Pilot's talk...

The reconstruction of the 1903 Wright Flyer in the background.

The monument to the first successful flight of an airplane.

The Wright Brothers Monument

With Mr. Orville Wright

The Flight of legendary Icarus engraved on the door to the Monument.

View of the Atlantic Ocean from Kill Devil Hills.

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Fascinating series!

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