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There are so many „Best” things about Turkey it was not an easy task to compile a list of 10 of them. But we will try! The order is random, which means that no.1 is NOT more “best” than no.2 or 3.

This list is our personal favorites and please feel free to have different opinion.

The 10 best things about Turkey are:

1. Street cats. Sweet, bold, but well behaved.

2. Street dogs. Great hiking companions, will make you smile and want to hug them all the time.

3. Ancient ruins everywhere you look. It blows my mind that some of them are as old (or often older) than Christianity! Here with our favorite “adopted” dogs Blackie and Blondie at an ancient theater in Kas.

4. Bazaars- these are once a week BIG outdoor fruit, veggie and anything-you-can-imagine-for-sale markets organized in every town. Rain or shine. It’s THE place to stock up on fresh produce, honey and cheese for cheap, meet with friends for lunch and just enjoy the colorful display of products.

*Note the sarcophagus among the oranges and mandarins. Ancient ruins are so common that Turkish people take no notice of them.

5. Tea – it’s the tastiest tea we’ve found! It’s served in an hour-glass shaped glass. Often with a cube of sugar on the side. It’s the national drink of Turkey. We were offered a glass of tea by total strangers – at a butcher’s shop, gas station or motorcycle mechanic shop.

Any time of day is tea time in Turkey!

6. Food – kebabs, mezes, pilavs, gozlemes and all kinds of delicious dishes which names I couldn’t remember. All very flavorful. All incredibly tasty. Something for everybody – meat dishes and vegan dishes. Yummy!

7. The Grand Bazaar. It was a pure pleasure to explore some of the most “secret” corners of the Grand Bazaar (thanks to our friend Alpaslan). I like to bargain with the salesmen to get the best price I can. In Turkey, no salesman got offended. There is a lot of smiling and joking involved.



8. Istanbul – the city speaks for itself. It is unique. It is beautiful. It is intriguing. It is magical .

9. Nature – mountains, sea shores with beautiful beaches, deserts, forests. The nature in this country is often breathtaking.

Above photo is of the Giant of Kas.

10. People – Turkish people are some of the nicest people we’ve met in our travels. They are generous, friendly, helpful and always cheerful. We felt very welcomed in Kas, where we rented an apartment for 2,5 months, as well as on our previous trips in 2012 and 2014 in other parts of the country.

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Shauna Golembiewski 1 month, 2 weeks ago

This is great! I have a desire to go to Turkey and this just made it a must do. Thanks for sharing.

1 month, 2 weeks ago Edited
Steveandjustyna Replied to Shauna Golembiewski 1 month, 1 week ago

Thanks Shauna!!! Turkey is such a wonderful country, I'm sure you'll discover even more "best things" about it when you go visit! 
Best of luck!

1 month, 1 week ago Edited
Bill Birdsong 3 months ago

Wonderful images....the people and the animals!  You certainly know how to get the most out of your travels....a book in the future?

3 months ago Edited
Camellia Staab 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Sounds like a fabulous trip.

3 months, 3 weeks ago Edited
Steveandjustyna Replied to Camellia Staab 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Yes, it was! Every one of them was. We love Turkey and want to return again and again.

3 months, 3 weeks ago Edited
Pete Fitzgetald 3 months, 3 weeks ago

what a great adventure, love the photos and the story. thanks for sharing.

3 months, 3 weeks ago Edited
Steveandjustyna Replied to Pete Fitzgetald 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Thank you Pete! It is our pleasure!

3 months, 3 weeks ago Edited
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