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by Stormfish October. 18, 2009 8448 views

thanks to our fantastic audience, helpers and organizers, we had a splendid CD release party on saturday! we played 20 songs, a third of them twice, had no major injuries on the dance floor, made everyone happy and even could identify all the lost item's owners after the party… :-)

sound check…


“let's do some warm up exercises before the concert…” sorry, it's the swiss law!" ;-)

“beat it”

kaspar and doris brossi from zodiac studios [zodiac-studios-ch] in solothurn, where we recorded our CD


more dance!

and even more dance!

two of our biggest fans

me hiding behind the drums and our fabulous singer sarah

i'm just grinning because for the last 5 minutes, i didn't loose my drum sticks… ;-)

uli and michael, the van Idle groove boys… oops, i lost my drum stick… ;-)

mies, always encouraging the audience to clap along

kaspar brossi jumping in for 3 songs as our guest star and solo guitar player!

a happy band after 2 hours of rockin' the kasbah

karin sucessfully sold lots and lots of our CD - thanks for your support! :-)

and more dancing!

plus a little drinking…

“no! we're not gonna play ‘i might be dumb’ a third time!”

sarah and friend - radiating… :-)

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-- Lyency 10 years, 4 months ago

what a party! no time to be idle, just go van idle! :/)

10 years, 4 months ago Edited