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this is all the food we brought home from our trip to malaysia. let's see if you can guess which number is what item (move your mouse over the picture to see the numbers):

#___: banana chips
#___: bean paste buns
#___: bean paste cookies
#___: beef curry powder
#___: black tea
#___: malt drink
#___: chicken curry powder
#___: dried beans
#___: dried brislings
#___: dried plums
#___: green tea leafs (pressed)
#___: hawthorn flakes
#___: honey
#___: Indian spice chips
#___: luncheon meat
#___: oatmeal
#___: pepper cookies
#___: prawn noodle curry powder
#___: sugar gummies
#___: sweet pork sausages
#___: sweets
#___: tea bags
#___: unidentifiable brown spices that make your tongue fall off
#___: white Sarawak pepper

for each correct item you will get one point. add them together and find out where you score on the ??I am a true malaysian? ladder:

0-5 points: asian food hater. pizza, burger & cheddar cheese is your true heart??s delight.
6-10 points: guy loh lost in KLCC. you??ll eat the identifiable bits with the funny names on the air con restaurant picture menu.
11-15 points: ex pat from bangsar. roti canai is your favorite but you still can??t digest chicken rice, and you still think that curry comes from a special indian tree.
16-20 points: malaysian connoisseur. you eat everything, everything that contains spices, that is. with rice, la.
21-24 points: uber malaysian. you probably have nasi lemak for breakfast and assam laksa for dinner. you accept only gardenia as bread and sleep with your head on a durian.
25 points: shame on you! you are cheating! there is only 24 points!

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Rodica O 11 years, 3 months ago

Are all these packages and jars supposed to alleviate the craving for traditional home made food ?? ;)
Ok, ok, ...I was just asking.
So where are you situated on that ladder ?
Let me guess: between 0 and 24 ;)...or rather 25 ?? ! :)
( I have to admit that I'm a shameless 6-10 )

11 years, 3 months ago Edited
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