looking for new work

by Stormfish July. 06, 2010 3602 views

my band [vanidle.com] recently has lost its singer as well as its bass player; resulting in me having too much time for photography and too little to do with my drumsticks… :-(

if you can sing or play bass, are interested in exploring the strange sounds of zürich with a couple of nicely developed people whose musical taste is unquestionable and are willing to spend one evening per week for regular rehearsal with us; i'd love to hear from you.

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Tim 9 years, 12 months ago

where do I have to sign????????? am i too late???

9 years, 12 months ago Edited
Monika 10 years ago

strange sounds of zürich, unquestionable musical taste, nicely developed people? have you thought about taking a marketing course already? and i should take one in the topic self confidence ;)

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Jendayee 10 years ago

I hope that by now you could get the missing ones ! Enjoy music !

10 years ago Edited
Donald Egoroff 10 years ago

just the other day, Alix and I were walking in the street and came across a discarded box of assorted old, broken, scarred, chipped, dented and taped drumsticks. sort of the antithesis of your collection. I was sure we brought a few home with us, but right now I can't find them. Alix hates when I pick things up from the garbage and maybe she's thrown them away, again. I suspect drummers get no respect, but then again, I suspect it's for good reason.

can I be in your band? I have no musical talent whatsoever.

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Jet28 10 years ago

So neat :-)

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Jennye 10 years ago

really cool photo! ...and I love the music!

10 years ago Edited
Contesina 10 years ago

well done! -

10 years ago Edited
Joy 10 years ago

you can never have too much time for photography! love the music, and neat photo. that's quite the variety you have there.

10 years ago Edited
Carolinesimone 10 years ago

excellent composition :)

10 years ago Edited
Mikkal Noptek 10 years ago

I think your announcement will be successful. I sang/shouted a long time ago and it was in a punk band, not the kind of music style you're playing according to your drumsticks.

10 years ago Edited
Wadi 10 years ago

I have friend plays bass but he's in Malaysia...you can check he plays in youtube...just search...symphonia mistreatred....anyway I like your photograph....

10 years ago Edited
Viktorija 10 years ago

sorry to hear that.
can't you sing and play drums at the same time?

10 years ago Edited
-- Lyency 10 years ago

2006, 2008, 2010... what is wrong with you guys, that you cannot keep your bass players?

10 years ago Edited
Becky Brannon 10 years ago

Sorry, can't sing.... but enjoyed the photograph!

10 years ago Edited
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