desert angels

by Stormfish March. 07, 2011 4202 views

i'm writing again.

~ a search ~ a flight ~ a post-apocalyptic canvas, emptied from life, destroyed by ignorance ~ a hell not welcoming anyone any more ~ and yet humanity's last stand ~

~ imagine to travel through landscapes like these ~ on foot ~ without technology ~ forced to reach a safe haven somewhere in the unimaginable distance ~

~ fleeing the screaming mad memories of destruction ~ manslaughter ~ chaos ~ and what you believe, was love ~

your feet scorched ~ your skin burned down to ripping stripes of pain ~ your throat aching from thirst every breath you inhale ~ your brain filled with fear to never escape ~ failing to find anything at the end of the journey ~

~ and yet, what other way is there than forward ~

~ to live, because there is a path ~ the unknown that has to be better than what you have seen ~

~ to love, because there is nothing to fear than the dullness of your heart, wounded by your superiors decision to provide you with meaning ~

~ a soldier in a war with yourself ~ to finally break down when weakness overpowers the sparks of rebellion ~ mutiny against missing ~ futile ~

~ and yet to make everything out of so little ~ a drop of water providing an ocean of hope ~ and yet, a desert, snow face of doom ~ where angels begin.

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