beyond the horizon

by Stormfish November. 13, 2012 3862 views

what if beyond the horizon
is just more horizon

let's just walk on

artist canyon road, death valley, CA []

moro bay, CA []

trona pinnacles, CA []

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Mouette 7 years ago

Wonderful ! I really love the last.

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Mikkal Noptek 7 years ago

Beautiful landscapes

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Jarvo J 7 years ago

Wonderful wide open spaces.

7 years ago Edited
Stuey 7 years ago

Awesome blues, love the set.

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Yokai - 7 years ago

I like the foggy mountains in #2 !

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Roxanne 7 years ago

just here for another look at the pinnacles. awesome. i don't think it is too blown out also. that corner just pulls my eye over there to explore that part of the picture. this would look amazing enlarged at a very large scale.

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Lyency 7 years ago

these are unbelievable stunning landscapes (did you make them?:/) what a convex-concave play of the valley and the pinnacle shots. these are more than landscapes, more like illustrations of an inner state of mind

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Roxanne 7 years ago

did i mention these are 3 very special favorite places of mine? they are. morro bay is a funny little town and i haven't been there in years, your photo reminded me of it. this looks like a lovely morning over the bay. i also think your photograph of the artist canyon road is so interesting because of its vastness. i always think of that drive as rather tight and narrow and with high canyon walls around you. maybe i am thinking of another death valley canyon drive. oh how sad my memory of death valley must be fading somewhat... guess i had better get out there and explore and figure it out!

7 years ago Edited
Roxanne 7 years ago

your photograph of the pinnacles is absolutely stunning, really, really well done

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Jacki 7 years ago

I don't know about the trona pinnacles... put that one in my file for further investigation! I was thinking of a trip up there to Mono Lake and Bodie for my birthday but the snows have started already in the mountains.... guess it will have to wait for spring.

Did someone hijack davids's account??!! Surely he didn't really say he's thinking he needs a long road trip in the US... have never heard such US bashing in my life as the last time he was here! 8^)

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David Swatton 7 years ago

I think at some point I'll have to do a long road trip in the US... the emptiness is so appealing

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Antonio Gil 7 years ago

So glad you didn't stop. Gorgeous pictures. Love the immensity of these landscapes.

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Marilyn Grimble 7 years ago

# 1 and # 3 possess the likelihood of penetrating the horizon ... but # 2 gives you a direct warning not to make the attempt! :-)

Seriously beautiful images.

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Misshansson 7 years ago

I like the first one. Very much solitude

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Paolo Martini 7 years ago

Superb !
Great the last one, for me

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Stormfish 7 years ago

[url=]don't stop[/url]

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