some say, they come here often

by Stormfish April. 03, 2014 2024 views

i saw my first U.F.O. in the middle of the arizona desert, while camping out the night at some ancient pile of painted rock [] covered with petroglyphs.

while making my night shots, i suddenly saw bright orange lights flaring up at the far horizon in the south. they didn't seem to move; just hover at the same spot well over the land. they were too far up to be just stationary on the ground and not airplanes, since they simply stood there in the night. there was no sound, no rotors, no engines, nothing at all in the otherwise completely quiet night.

later my friends back in L.A. told me that this spot is well known for them to appear, near these rocks that date from an unknown age, painted by a culture long forgotten.

i felt blessed to have seen them, whatever they were.

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Josy 7 years ago

I believe that in this place, a strange communication can become established between the ancestors and one... maybe.

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Roxanne 7 years ago

you are one with them and they welcome you to the desert. what beautiful photographs and words and night landscape.

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Jacki 7 years ago

Wow, those rocks are impressive! I for one completely believe the lack of explanation for the lights! I was once sleeping on the shores of Lake Michigan... total silence... and a bright green light flashed on just off shore, directed at us, and then moved silently parallel to the shore shore line until it was out of sight. It was IMPOSSIBLE that there was any explanation that made sense. :)

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Kukyhofan 7 years ago


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