the old ways

by Stormfish May. 25, 2014 2413 views

i would love to understand the past. how did people think back a hundred, a thousand, even ten thousand years ago? how did they feel? what triggered their fear, what made them laugh? did a full belly make them as content and lazy as it does me? did hunger make them desperate as much as inventive? did they revolt if they felt treated badly? did they cry when a friend just died from bad teeth?

all of these questions have probable answers. i can imagine what it was like to be in my ancestors shoes. but i cannot know. as little as they were able to escape their time, i am able to escape mine. they might have dreamed of times when justice will reign the world, when no brutal king was raiding the country, when no wolves threatened the village… as much as i can imagine all their perils and joys. but we will never know of each other.

yet, we are one tribe, genetically stringed up and not different in any way concernible. there is nothing that they couldn't have done, given they'd be born in MY time; there is nothing i wouldn't suffer from, would i be living in theirs. why do i feel superior to them? why do i believe i have reached something they never could? why do we all mistake the progress of time with progress of live?

painted rock petroglyphs, AZ []

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Roxanne 7 years ago

interesting questions. and it is useless to feel superior although i am not sure that i do. i believe our ancestors or some of them anyway had much more sense then we do today. our lives have become too complicated. but maybe they thought that as well. what i do know is that your images are wonderful. they are so rich and full of life and other wordily. i love love love #1. to my favorites.

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Josy 7 years ago

Useless to feel superior. Each tries to adapt oneself to the world and disappears in one's turn.

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-- Lyency 7 years ago

i would borrow these fantastic shots - if i was mawey :/)

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Jacki 7 years ago

A very interesting post and I like the shots... petroglyphs intrigue me also. 2 & 4 to my favorites.

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