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I suspect this is a remnant of human evolution: as much as we are bound to the ground, crawling and sprawling on mother earth's surface - as furiously we dream of getting up there into the sky again, as we have been when we still were apes and roamed the trees of the african savannah.

or, maybe, it is that old bird wish deeply implanted into our soul; to have wings instead of legs; to conquer the sky and be above all worries and sorrows that gravity brings down on us - why else would be assume that the heavens contain - heaven? why do we imagine angels with feathery arms, hovering up in the clouds, a place we'd love to achieve? even buddhism's path to nirvana leads upwards.

all that counts is the ascent. step by step in an ordeal of sweat and blood and heroism; or being catapulted alongside the trajectory of luck - it doesn't really matter what is better what is worse, as long it's an upward movement.

in the famous words of lucy van pelt, when Charlie brown tries to soothe her depression with that lame answer you'll always get:

Charlie Brown:
“Well Lucy, life does have it's ups and downs, you know.”

“But why? Why should it? Why can't my life be all UPS?
If I want all UPS, why can't I have them?…..Why can't I just move from one UP to another UP? Why can't I just go from and UP to an UPPER-UP?…… I don't want any Downs! I Just want Ups and Ups and Ups and Ups!”

good grief…

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