A December Evening in Tel Aviv

by Streets Of Israel March. 31, 2020 281 views

At the time, when the outbreak of the Covid-19, popularly known as the Coronavirus, was just something going on in China, I was still working in our office on the corner of Shaul HaMelech and Ibn Gvirol in Tel Aviv. WeWork, the now probably infamous office rental company, has two floors there and we - that is, my company - had rented a large corner of the one floor.

It's a nice place, with a view down to the intersection of the two beforementioned streets. You sense the bustling energy of the city, even though it isn't quite in the real center of Tel Aviv. It's close enough, and it is Tel Aviv.

What I mean? Well, Tel Aviv is Tel Aviv. It's something distinct from for example the commercial Ramat Gan with its skyscrapers, which lies just on the other side of the Ayalon Highway, or Jaffa - Yafo as it is called in Hebrew - to the south of Tel Aviv, with it's more historical settings and relaxed energy.

Tel Aviv has this griddy and edgy feeling of a city, which avoids falling apart by share will. The buildings are old and poorly built, the streets are too small and badly arranged for the traffic of a metropol, the people are impatient and constantly getting in each other's way. And yet, Tel Aviv is this amazing place, which is teeming with life, energy, and a feeling of everything being possible.

The streets are small, even the larger ones, and they are not arranged well. But yet things are for the most parts going smoothly. And even though the buildings are old and poorly done, they have this special characteristica, which only Tel Aviv has. Not to talk about the city being called the Bauhaus capital because of the many buildings built in this design. And the people, yes, they are in your face, but they are also pationated, interested, engaged, wanting to live and get the most out of it. And as unapproachable they might seem, they are always giving you their full attention, when you engage them in small talk about all the small and large things of life, from the cats of the streets, to where we all are headed as a global society. They might not even wait for you to engage them, if you have anything they find interesting, they will engage you.

And that is just part of it. Tel Aviv has this special mix of people only Tel Aviv can have. From hipsters, over party types, to religious hippies or some other kind of alternative lifestyle. Everyone fits in in Tel Aviv. It is a city like any other larger city, and yet a city like nothing else.

I felt all of this, this evening on my walk from the office to the bus terminal, where I take my intercity bus home. People were out and about, either on cafes with friends, looking at store windows, hanging out with friends, or just being. This is what I love when walking in the city, I so much wish to call mine, but only come to as a working visitor. Tel Aviv is the place, where I really feel home, even on a dark December evening, walking from my office to my bus home.

All shots were shot with the combination of my X-T3 and a vintage Nikkor-S Auto 50mm f/1.4 lens with adapter.

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Heike 1 year ago

Love your writing style!

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Streets Of Israel Replied to Heike 1 year ago

Thanks, I deeply appreciate that :)

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