Change of scenery during the Covid crisis

by Streets Of Israel May. 26, 2020 254 views

I doubt that there's anyone out there, who doesn't know of or has been impacted by the situation with the Covid 19 pandemic. I feel bad and sad for those, who are loosing jobs or worse, and hope that there will come relief for them soon.

I'm fortunate though, thanks to working online with technical support, I have been able to work from home all this time. The most frustrating issues for me, was to have to find a way to entertain the kids, and keep a routine for the day. My wife also managed, though she did loose some clients, but all in all we have been very fortunate.

When it comes to photography, as already explained, I haven't felt the impact as badly as those, who made photography their way of living. For me it is still only a hobby, though a hobby I'm very passionate about and would like to make more than that.

But of course this did change how I could express my passion. There's no running around on the streets, no going to historical places and catch the wonders, nor shooting the decisive moments, which otherwise obviously happened all the time.

I miss that, and I long to get back out there.

However, this did give me the option to play around with other kinds of photography, doing some night life flower shots, semi macro photography, playing around with my flash. That was exciting, trying something different, thinking differently.

I'm not sure that the results were as amazing as the experience, but it was a nice way to experience another side of Israel, taking a closer look at things, which I normally don't spend that much time looking at.

How did you go around with your photography?

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Antonio Gil 1 year, 3 months ago

It's getting better fortunately.

1 year, 3 months ago Edited