A Story of Three Trees

by Streets Of Israel June. 05, 2020 290 views

I've been very intrigued by black and white photography, as well as simplicity in composition for some time. There is something to how removing certain aspects, add to a photo beyond what is seen. Don't get me wrong, I love colors and I love photos with lots of details. And, i have to say, I feel that black and white photography has become a trend, which is doing black and white photography a disservice, ruining it, by people who are doing black and photography because it's a trend. I'm not saying that this is the case for all photographers doing black and white photography, or that I necessarily master it. I might even be part of this trend as well.

That said. My mom died some years ago, and I took her from Denmark to Israel, to have her buried at a spot near where I live, which she fell in love with right the moment she saw it, with a view over the Judean desert. I knew she would love to be there. Every time I go there, I'm passing these three trees, standing on a hill, as if they were guarding the passage away from the road, leading down the hill to where my mom is buried. Always confirming that they'll make sure that things stay as they should. Or that was the case until recently, where one of three friends had disappeared. Whether being taken down by man or nature, I don't know, but gone it was.

And I was looking at the two remaining trees and thinking about the hole in my life, my mother's dead had left me with, that even though I have my wife and my kids, that one friend isn't there anymore. And there's a beauty to that, to the simplicity of love and loosing, that even though we're left with a hole and the colors had left my life, at least for some time, it made it that much clearer for me, how important the other people in my life are, and what they give to me, not only in love, but also in composing my life.

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Benny Law 1 year ago

Beautiful picture and touching inspirations. Our life on earth is just a short journey. Our eternal destiny is meant to be with God and all His people in the new heaven and new earth.

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Streets Of Israel Replied to Benny Law 1 year ago

Thanks, Benny.

Live is a fleeting moment, and we appreciate it too little too often.

I remember when I went to Denmark, to clear up my mom's apartment, with all my childhood memories, feeling that the connection to who I was, suddenly was closed. It was, I think, at that moment that I knew that I had grown up, that there was no chance of becoming a child again and enjoy the innocence of that time.

I hope that there is some place on the other side, where we all can meet again.

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Benny Law Replied to Streets Of Israel 1 year ago

There is definitely some place on the other side, but whether we can meet again depends on our relationship with God. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of the living.

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Antonio Gil 1 year ago

Very touching words underlining a beautiful picture

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Streets Of Israel Replied to Antonio Gil 1 year ago

Thanks, Antonio, appreciate it.

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