A Promise of a Hope for Something Better to Come

by Streets Of Israel June. 15, 2020 285 views

As told in my last post, I got a chance to spend some time in the Old City recently. One of my favorite places in the Old City, is the Holy Sepulchre. Not because I'm Christian, I'm not even particularly religious, and I'm not convinced about the truth claim of the various Christianities, from the general to the specific. I might talk about that sometime in the future, but not now.

However, though I stated that I'm not religious, I might not be totally correct on that regards. However, my religion is history and the wonders of man and, well, God. What that means is the I love what we, as civilizations, cultures, etc., have created, what we put into it, and how we understand it today. Our way of perceiving the world is not static, it is constantly changing, and differs not only from cultural group to another, but also from one individual to another. At the same time, I love the nature and great wonders to find there, whether we see it as being the natural product of the forces of nature, or the touch of God.

The Holy Sepulchre is one of my more inspiring places. I don't know if I believe or accept the myth (and I use myth as it's used in academic discourses) of Jesus having being buried here, but I do believe in its power over man and call for believers all over the world to come here.

And - and I think that we're getting to the core of my thoughts for this post - I do believe it as a center of inspiration and hope. The weird thing about this place, is that it's not a particularly large place. I mean, the building - or buildings - is big enough, consisting of different aspects, but entering the church and just allowing yourself to be drawn into the mood, details, and concepts of the place, is transformative. And coming into the church this day, after having reached a somewhat depressive state of mind, after passing the many closed shops, this sight - the rays of sun reaching for the cross - greeted me, and I couldn't help being touched, moved, and humored by the contrast. Here I was, wondering what would be, about the frustrations of the current situation, and then I enter this place, and God almost ironically gave me what probably would be considered a promise of better times for most Christians. My reaction? My initial spontaneous thought was "this is epic!" And my instincts told me to switch to my 23mm lens, instead of the 35mm I presently had on my camera. And I felt inspired, and I felt hope. Because after any low, there will always come better times, when we understand how to acknowledge where we are, and how we will get to a better place from there. And even when you're stuck in a place, which seems to be without hope, the hope might manifest itself when you turn around the corner, in a place which would be the last you would expect it to appear.

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Jennifer Paire 1 year, 1 month ago


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Streets Of Israel Replied to Jennifer Paire 1 year, 1 month ago

Thanks Jennifer, appreciate it :)

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Antonio Gil 1 year, 1 month ago

Love the picture, and the message of hope it conveys

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Streets Of Israel Replied to Antonio Gil 1 year, 1 month ago

Thanks Antonio, it's one of those moments where you know that it can only be a great photo, and it's less thanks to to you, and more to how everything just works together. All there is to do is to adjust exposure and click the shutter :)

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