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This is a blog about Israel. Or more precisely, about living in Israel. Or to be even more specific, about how I experience life in Israel.
This blog is in many ways going to be very subjective, since it after all is going to show life through my eyes. However, I have made it a habit to try to present things as objective as possible. I'm not perfect, but I believe I have gotten to the point, where I manage to see beyond my own subjective narratives, when addressing a subject. However, and this is probably important in all cases, where we are dealing with people sharing their impressions, even when we are dealing with the most objective people, whatever they are sharing has been passed through the filters inherent to that individual and as such will have been influenced by existing biases, emotions, sympathies, etc.

To make a long story short, while I do attempt to present things as objectively as possible, they will obviously be somewhat subjective.

That aside, I'm not trying to make this a political blog, nor trying to promote a certain agenda or narrative. I'm trying to share moments or impressions I experience through the media of writing and photos. For all who find my writing boring, and I don't blame you, just focus on the photos I share, and let them tell their own story.


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