Green #4

by Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue August. 20, 2017 1347 views

In some way I’m a traditionalist but I am also very curious about new technologies and everything I can do with computers. I was a long time used to analog cameras and reverse films. It was common on excavations. My husband and me were very proud about our Nikon and Canon - until a short time before our first visit in France. I was always very careful because it can become expensive if you take a lot of photos. I wasn’t comfortable with the whole idea of digital photos, the camera and at last with myself. But I did buy my first Panasonic TZ1 for this trip. On the other hand I had not the slightest idea that 4 GB provide not that much capacity - especially after I calmed down and enjoyed my new camera. So the most luxurious part of the whole trip were to buy more SD-cards in France ... In the end it was the trip I shot only “few” photos compared to every tour which followed afterwards. I think digital photography turned me into a more “careless” photographer.

I was fascinated by this window in Château de Chaumont. Today I would be more capable to capture the light which was streaming through the glass. Yes it could be better, but I still like the photo because it is full of personal memories.

Crown glass and stained glass

Crown glass and stained glass

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