by Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue December. 29, 2018 2107 views

Grocery shopping isn’t my favorite thing to do. Actually I hate it. Especially in the countryside, where it’s necessary to drive by car for every single breadcrumb. Driving and shopping must have been hobbies of my parents. I hate the combination. Senseless driving and this infernal grocery shopping – searching for exact the bargains - which my father saw in some flyers - in the middle of hysterical and/or expert bargain hunters.

Do you know how the expert bargain hunter looks like?

  • They have elbows like knives!
  • They drive shopping carts like Ben Hur!
  • They take over your shopping cart, when you are not looking ...
  • ... they will leave you with a shopping cart full of junk food with an abandoned child, which is stuffing the unpaid junk in its mouth.

Next year I will put an end to it. No, I won’t do it anymore. No more Thursday shopping. No more shopping without a list. No more shopping tours for always the same three things nobody needs. No more shopping with two elderly people at once, who are get lost in no time - of course everyone in a different corner of 10.000 m² - or are exhausted in no time.

Forget it. All will stay the same in 2019. I will put the wheelchair in my car. I will tolerate the same three unnecessary things in the shopping cart - until I will bring it back before I have to pay for it. Maybe we all will become three years old sooner or later for a second time. One day I will join the club and drive my daughter crazy, because I don’t want to do grocery shopping. I hope she will be more despotic than me.

Therefore I’m very happy to have my camera as a therapeutic neutral eye. Zilla helps me to forget about - just for a moment - the damned grocery shopping. Yesterday on my way back home – I drove another futile 20 km, because I tried to get a newspaper for my father – I stopped to photograph an oak tree, which I like very much. The tree is maybe the largest in the area. It grows right beside the street and at the edge of the wood. Sadly this year it was hit by a lightening and some of the larger branches broke and splintered. Nevertheless it’s still an impressive tree, but if nobody will take care of the injuries soon, the tree will die for sure.

Funny thing, that this oak tree is (still?) a holy place. It seems, sometimes nothing will change since pagan times. A rusty and almost colorless cross was nailed to the trunk a long time ago. The remaining color shows a more satanic than peaceful face of Jesus. The face of Jesus holds a lot of potential for identification, but maybe I'm just a little bit on the dark side at the moment, because they promised me cookies ... At least it’s the only black haired Jesus with a black goatee and eyebrows like Spock I know of! On the other hand it’s the only Jesus who was shot multiple times with a modern firearm!

Think about that: people, who forget their children during grocery shopping, stuffing junk into their stomachs and brains are responsible for such an idiocy. I'm sure they are also responsible for our far right government.

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Bethany Plonski 2 years ago

I'm laughing, but I feel your pain. grinning Sounds like holiday shopping in the US. I have changed my entire routine for the month of December because it is just too much to go anywhere near our mall area. Glad you have Zilla to keep your sanity!

2 years ago Edited

December just sums up the whole year in one month ...

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Vivienne Albiston 2 years ago

shopping is  a pain, I`m glad we grow a lot but we do still have to shop.

2 years ago Edited

Maybe we should "grow" a cow in our garden too, because it becomes more and more problematic to find drinkable fresh milk instead of this disgusting UHT-milk.

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Berckmans Peter 2 years ago

I agree on the shopping and it seems the manners of people has gone out of the window. People just pull and push to have a go at it and stand in front of the goods. I always start my shopping with attention for others,untill after the thousand pushes you get there is one to much. Than I let the beast free and not care anymore,working with hands,shoulders and belly to get my shopping done. 
The tree is a good find,I also think it will survive. Like Bjorn said, be onetime alone in a place like this and maybe you would feel it. Just hoping to get 1 year older in 2019 not 3.

2 years ago Edited

I agree, except for going "beast". I'm this poor idiot, who will come home without the goods AND without the children of some crazy strangers. 
I married a grocery shopping heroe ...

2 years ago Edited

Your lucky,

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Jim Hooker 2 years ago

Fear not, trees are remarkably resilient, not least oaks.  It wil lalmost certainly survive despite the damage.  The thinning of the crown suggests it is well into maturity, but my guess is that it  still has many years left.

2 years ago Edited
Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue Replied to Jim Hooker 2 years ago

Really?! I hope you are right about it. It would be sad to see this "young" giant die.

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Björn Roose 2 years ago

These holy places ... they are the only thing that has not changed in thousands of years. When you spend an hour in such a place, on your own, without the constant murmuring of people (you do the shopping with), you will still feel why it has become holy. There's an energy there, it helps you reload your own batteries.

As for the shopping: imaging spending your holidays in a foreign land (okay, Germany is not that foreign to me, but it is not Flanders) and knowing you have to do your shopping for the days up until the 1st of January (we head home on New Year's Day). In a shop you don't know, for stuff you can't find (my girlfriend had the idea to buy ready made quiche but apparently that's not something standard in Germany), surrounded by people who are all very much in a hurry (some shops are open on the 31st, but most are closed for the coming three days) ...

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Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue Replied to Björn Roose 2 years ago

Horror scenarios right out of a Hitchcock movie! 😨🤯 
Trees/places like that have definitivly some sort of energy.

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Antonio Gil 2 years ago

That's a very cool finding, and that Jesus is really ominous. I'm not a religious person but what are people thinking when using this image as a practice target. Love the tree pictures

2 years ago Edited
Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue Replied to Antonio Gil 2 years ago

I saw it in a better shape. It always was a strange piece of religious folk art, especially without bullet holes in it.

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