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We rarely have internet access, so our uploads will be infrequent.
We saw this camelion just after we crossed the border from Zimbabwe. I was surprised at how small it was, a little over 6 inches long It was moving cautiously across the hot interlocking brick.

An approaching rain storm while we were on a boat cruise

A huge downpour. The cloud opened and dropped almost all its rain on us!

A very wet fish eagle. He was not amused

The receeding storm

Lots of grazing hippos

This sequence of an elephant crossing a river. They can swim, but not well

A large male black-footed impala

A lovely sequence of a cape buffalo having a mud bath

First the head and chest

Lying down does the belly, then one side followed by the other

Finally, the back

Perfect! I am sure it felt glorious, and it does keep all the biting insects away

A traditional macoro, the dugout canoe, being used as a couch in our lodge

A hyena at the start of our morning game drive

An Egyptian goose and her brood

This crocodile was about 3 meters long

A warning sign form the hippos. Go away, he was telling us. We did

Carmlne bee-eaters

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#17: my favorite :)

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