Drive to Sossusvlei, Namibia

by Stuartbarbara March. 26, 2012 1528 views

Early morning sunrise at Epupa Falls. Sorry to be leaving the north of Namibia

Spectacle weaver nest with its entrance tube

Himba lady on the left and Heraro lady on right, with two Himba men. Interesting mix of cultures found at Opuwa

Male masked weaver

The male weaves a nets of grasses for the ladies to approve

On approval, she embellishes the nest

She is checking out a new nest

He is hopefully waiting her approval. If she rejects this nest he will have to build a new one

Rock Martin fledgling on a thatched roof

Mother Martin coming to feed him

Wonderful lizard, about 20 cm long

The fabulous view from our chalet at the Grootberg Lodge

Juvenile ostrich which have adapted to the arid conditions of the central region, Damaraland

Mountain zebra in a harsh environment. Sighting animals in this vast region is very chancy, so we were delighted to see these as well as a few giraffe earlier.

During the wet season, which is now, there is water in some river beds

The tree line shows where water flows underground

Lovebird at one of our rest stops where water is provided for birds.

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I loved the yellow bird :)

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