Shetland Day 4

by Stuart And Barbara Robertson May. 02, 2017 859 views

Spoiler Alert! If you watch the BBC TV show Shetland, you will see this house as a murder scene in a coming episode. This house is immedaitely behind our croft, and the filming will be happening in two weeks

Yesterday we were to fly to Fair Isle, 25 miles south, for the day. The weather was beautiful but the winds were above the limits for the small plane. Sadly, we were unable to safely fly there. Instead, we headed to the two northern islands of Yell and Unst

We took two ferries to get up to the two islands. You can see as the ferry docks, that the land is quite flat and barren

The first crossing was short and relatively smooth

We thought this sign onboard the ferry was amusing. Too bad we are not around for the action

Expanses of flat land with nothing but sheep. Yell and Unst have suffered from severe depopulation over the years

27 kilometers form one end of Yell to the other, and only 10 kilometers wide

Hard to tell the difference between Yell and Unst.

Unst is the most northerly island in the United Kingdom

The water between the two was quite rough as the wind was strong

A Shetland pony with a thick winter coat still

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