Flying back to Edinburgh from Shetland

by Stuart And Barbara Robertson May. 05, 2017 560 views

Last morning on the Shetlands. The airport is very near Sumberg Head, so we returned for a last look

The sea is still rough with the wind blowing

Lovely lichen on the rocks

Lovely small rock flowers. Very hardy to cope with the strong winds

Guillemots down at water level. They nest right on the rock but have spherical, almost conical, eggs which are less likely to roll off the rock. We met an ornithological researcher at this site. These birds return to the same spot on the rock to nest each year, and usually with the same mate

More puffins. They are coming in to nest everywhere

What can we say! Loved the sign

Flying over Fair Isle. We were dissappointed not to get there but nice to see it from the flight

Over the north coast of Scotland, flying south to Edinburgh. Probably oil tankers below

Very different terrain from the Shetlands. Intense farming. Fewer sheep

Nice view of the Highlands as we approach Edinburgh. Some snow still on the highest hills

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