Of rats and strawberries

by Adrian June. 01, 2009 3181 views

A couple of years ago I bought some strawberry plants at the Hampton Court Flower Show.

By this time last year I had about a hundred plants. They all flowered, but just before the fruit ripened each and every fruit disappeared.

At first I blamed the squirrels, but whilst watching the birds one day I spotted a pair of rats in the garden. Joy. They were probably attracted by the open compost heap, and the bird feeders. Conveniently for them squirrel proof bird feeders aren't generally rat proof!

So I bought a humane capture type trap and put it in the garden. This proved useful… Useful as a rat feeding station ;)

So, I bought some rat sized snap traps. They were a qualified success; they caught several mice (which I didn't know we had in the garden), but once again, no rats. The traps would be triggered, but empty.

Having lost that crop of strawberries to them, I was feeling a little vexed. Then they ate half my tulip bulbs, and the war was on!

Whilst chatting with the garden centre staff about the loss of my first tulips, the member of staff suggested she'd had good success with an air rifle. Following her advice I'm pleased to report we now have no rats! Who knew photography was useful training for a marksman ;)

Sadly the squirrels are still getting into the strawberries before they're ripe despite copious amounts of netting, but at least I'm getting some myself now!

This one is one of my favourite varities, Gariguette. The shape of the fruit is fairly distinctive, and it tastes divine!

Tip: Plant tulips with a layer of chicken wire over the top of them; or consider daffodils, rodents don't like those :)

Tomorrow I'll show you the setup for this shot :)

Reflected glory

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Adrian 11 years, 2 months ago

Thankyou maharba, Arden and Igor!

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Igor 11 years, 2 months ago


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Abe Jackson 11 years, 3 months ago

...well sometimes it's like that...beautiful image..

11 years, 3 months ago Edited
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