Setup: Of rats and strawberries

by Adrian June. 02, 2009 1541 views

As promised from yesterday, here's the setup shot for the strawberry shot []

At its simplest, just rest the camera on some glass, and use a desk lamp to light your subject.

In this particular shot I've used a diffused flashgun on an offshoe adapter to light it, but as I said using a desk light works just as well; if you're using a desk light do remember to set the white balance of your camera accordingly.

The background is simply a sheet of coloured paper, bought for a few pence at the local art supplies store.

The light needs to be close to the glass, that way the light only gets reflected from the top surface of the glass. If you position the light higher up, you'll get doubled reflections. Why not use a mirror? Most mirrors are silvered on the back the glass, so the reflection will get doubled anyway. You can position the light in a similar way to reduce that, but the mirror can bounce stray light back into the shot.

As the flash is quite close to both the object and the background, the lighting strength is quite similar for both. The light is offset to the side to throw the shadow of the object outside the camera's line of sight, it also makes the lighting a bit more interesting.

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Tomorrow: The Tour arrives in Woking

How the strawberry shot was setup

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