Setup: Weevilicious

by Adrian June. 14, 2009 1553 views

Here's the setup shot for yesterday's Weevilicious [] pic.

You could just as easily use a table lamp, but I've used a flashgun mounted on an extension cable. If you're photographing critters with the table lamp, be careful you don't accidentally cook them or set fire to the paper. That's the advantage of using a flashgun, the light is only on for a short fraction of a second, so there's far less heat put into the object.

The trick here is the arched sheet of paper with a hole cut in it for the camera lens to look through. The object you're photographing goes inside the tunnel under the hole.

It's just a piece of office paper, with two bits of tape holding it in shape. The paper acts as a diffuser for the light, and if you put the lightsource outside the arc but flat to the surface you're shooting on, then any remaining shadows cast should fall a long way outside the image.

Weevil weevil wee-vil-icious!

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